Atlanta Street Art
Atlanta Street Art Project: Living Walls

Many cities are becoming increasingly supportive of ‘urban art‘ and are playing host to global artists through curated projects.  The Atlanta Street Art scene is one such example.  In many cases, these projects are focused on bringing awareness to social inadequacies and murals are usually placed in depressed areas, to not only enliven public spaces, but stimulate community revitalization.

From old school graffiti tags, to wheatpaste posters, murals, street installations and even yarn bombing, this form of urban expression has gained increasing exposure and popularity within the last decade.  Using unique spaces as a canvas brings different art forms to the masses; out of conventional settings (the gallery) and directly to ‘everyday’ people.



Living Walls, The City Speaks, is a conference in Atlanta, GA aimed at bringing attention to problems facing the city along with changing the urban landscape.  Between 2010 and 2014, Living Walls brought 95 artists into the ATL with the goal of changing perspectives about public space in communities through street art.  Nearly 100 murals were placed around the city and THIS MAP serves as a great tool if you’re interested in exploring.  [MARCH ’16 UPDATE: The Executive Director for Living Walls, Mónica Campana, took sabbatical for 2015 and had been working on projects with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.  Hopefully this means we’ll see an increase of pieces in Philly and a revival of Atlanta street art in 2016!]

My photo gallery of trips to the ATL in 2012 and 2015 is below.  A small sample of the local murals but a good representation of the quality artists curated for the project.  Bonus Cut: if in the Five Points area around Edgewood and Auburn Ave, be sure to visit Just Add Honey for some fresh brewed tea and the Sweet Auburn Market for some grub.


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