rochester street art
Rochester Street Art Project: Wall Therapy

Most of the mural art projects taking way around the globe rely on community intervention and focus on bringing attention to underdeveloped or depressed areas.  There’s a feel good social aspect meant to enliven; a way to give back and inspire neighborhoods.  What’s unique about the Rochester Street Art mural project, WALL\THERAPY, is it has a sister initiative, IMPACT! (IMProving Access to Care by Teleradiology).  Both WALL\THERAPY and IMPACT! are part of nonprofit Synthesis Collaborative which raises funds to set up teleradiology services within developing communities and grow a network of volunteer radiologists around the world.  While WALL\THERAPY heals cities through art, IMPACT! is healing communities and saving lives in developing countries.

A little bit of background.  The curator and founder of WALL\THERAPY, and co-founder of the Synthesis Collaborative, is Dr. Ian Wilson who, back in the day, did a little of his own graff writing.  Given his background he may be a bit bias towards graffiti and street art beautification but he’s added another level with bringing medical attention to communities in need.  [Bonus: not just Rochester gets to enjoy these amazing murals.  Street artists are placing pieces in the neighborhoods surrounding IMPACT! sites.]  Wilson’s initiatives aim to uplift and elevate the human spirit; walking around Rochester and seeing the murals he’s curated proves it.



My brother, husband and I mapped out some pieces we wanted to see during a family trip up north during summer 2015.  WALL\THERAPY started bringing artists to the city in 2011 and since then has put up over 100 murals.  There’s some really amazing work from well-known artists throughout the city and we enjoyed some of our best street hiking during our short visit.  Do yourself a favor and check out some art next time you find yourself in Rochester.  Dr’s orders!

Let me know what you think!